Rent a car in Ibiza: what you need to know

rent a car in ibiza

Ibiza (Eivissa), Spain: a beautiful island located in the Mediterranean Sea in a chain of islands called the Pine Island or “Pityuses”. Why are we talking about Ibiza? Well, because it’s good to know why and how to rent a car in Ibiza, considering you have to be very smart and careful on vacation. First of all, let’s get started with the most important information: you can save money renting a car in Ibiza online, thanks to webistes like RentalCars, through which you can find the best deals. Rental vehicles here are vital if you don’t want to go around the island only by walk (which is impossible).

The island is home of the popular port in Ibiza Town, a hot tourist spot in addition to being a World Heritage Site. Its unique, and commonly mispronounced name, dates back to the Phoenicians. The official name of the island is “Eivissa” and is spoke in Catalan. The common spelling of “Ibiza” is the city’s name in Spanish. Tourists and other foreigners pronounce the word a wide variety of ways, but even the Catalan and Spanish do not have the same pronunciation.

Where are rental car services at the Ibiza Airport?

As you can see, all the Car Rental services at the Ibiza Airport are all so close to you: take your luggage and then go to pick up your rental car! Also, picking up the car at the Airport gives you the possibility to give back the car just before the return flight, comfortably.

Though the island is only 220 square miles, it is not short on sights and activities or romance. Billboards across the island promote parties, popular DJs, and foam parties, even as you first leave the airport. It is the impressive array of nightclubs adjacent to white sandy beaches that bring a high number of tourists to the small island.

Partying is not the only thing you can do there, however! When you visit Ibiza, you will be exposed to the intense beauty of the Mediterranean, combined with paddle boarding, kayaking, and swimming. The island has a huge array of possible outdoor activities in addition to water sports; you can even bicycle around the island to take in the jaw-dropping cliffs. The most-famous beach on the island is Playa d’en Bossa, an impressive 3-mile white sandy beach just south of Ibiza Town. The beach is also where you will find two of the largest nightclubs on the entire island, giving the beach a continual party atmosphere.

If you crave quiet, away from the party-goers, you can go further north to find beaches more popular with families. Or you can rent a car and find secret and secluded beaches all over the island! The island is riddled with beaches hidden among the pine trees, providing both calm and a break from the fun that is always happening in Ibiza Town.

Ibiza Rentals – Why you have to hurry renting a car in Ibiza

Renting a car is essential there, giving you the freedom to visit wherever you want! When you rent a car in Ibiza, you will have immediate access to the over 80 amazing beaches available all over the island.

You will not be limited to where the tour buses go (with their scheduled stops) and will have the abilities to go to more secluded and less populated areas to take in some serenity. You will also be able to go from the ancient tombs of Necròpolis del Puig des Mollins back to the city to dance at some of the world’s hottest nightclubs.

Important: it’s better to book online in advance, in order to have the guarantee to reserve your rental car and save money, for sure.

Having the freedom of the rental car will let you find secret beaches, take your time, and even stop in to have a romantic dinner at a small local restaurant. Given the small size of the island, most destinations are less than a 40-minute drive away.

The island also has historic churches and museums to take in as well as many small cafes to visit as you go. One more unusual tourist attraction on the island is the bohemian markets. Started in the 1960s, there are still weekly bohemian or “hippy” markets, such as Las Dallas that are popular to visit. It would also be amiss to not watch a breathtaking sunset from one of the picturesque roads on the northern tip of the island.

Though the roads are steep, but the climb is worth it! You will also find the island’s oldest 5-star hotel on the north tip of the island and can even stay there a night or two!

As you rent a car in Ibiza, you will want to purchase car insurance. While the crime rates of the island are very small, they primarily involve petty theft and non-Spanish visitors are easily spotted and targeted. Purchasing insurance will provide security in the even that your rental car is ransacked or potentially stolen. It is also advised to avoid the Dalt Villa and marina areas, especially at night, as it is the most prominent area to be pickpocketed.

Likewise, if you would like to enjoy the spirits at the amazing nightclubs, consume your alcohol with caution, as being intoxicated will also make you an easy target for thieves, as is the case in any city. It goes without saying that if you chose to consume alcohol, you will need to find another way back to the hotel, as driving intoxicated is out of the question.

It is easiest to rent a car from the Airport immediately when you land in Ibiza (as you could see in the attached map), giving you immediate access to the beauty of the island. Cause of the big mass of tourists, you should book online your rental car in Ibiza, in order to avoid running out (check prices here below).


You may escape the stuffiness of the flight by taking in one of the Mediterranean beaches on the way to your hotel. You don’t need to wait to enjoy paradise; just rent a car at the Ibiza Airport and it will be at your disposal!