How to rent a car in Treviso Airport A. Canova and visit North East of Italy

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Treviso is a little town in the Veneto region, in the north east of Italy; it’s one of the most visited zone in Italy and it worth to visit all the area, considering there isn’t only Venice down there. The problem is: how to move in that area?

That’s why, today, we are going to talk about how to rent a car in Treviso Airport Antonio Canova, the classic venue from which to start your trip.

In Treviso the population is about 80,000 and it has several attractions that are certainly worthy of a day trip. It will create a great base for getting you ready to explore even more, like Venice, or just enjoying a quick bite to eat.

It was rebuilt after the Second World War bombing. And the town is mazed with streets lined with oddly shaped walkways. If you look up toward the sky, you’ll notice fragments of painted frescoes; they once decorated Treviso’s houses.

But in order to get around in this beautiful town of Italy, you’ll have to rent a car at Treviso Airport. And there a few things to consider before renting a car, including:

  • Different italian (and european) renting laws. Look over their handbook and make sure that you are able to abide by the rules.
  • The different types and makes of cars available in Italy, compared to what is offered in the english-spoken countries.
  • The different dimensions of cars, which will most likely not be large. And if you are looking for a large vehicle, it might cost you more than it would in Canada or in the US.
  • The cost for Gas, higher in Europe

Saving Money When You Rent a Car in Treviso Airport

When you touch base at the Treviso Airport, you can head right down to their rent-a-car agency and look into the car possibilities. Did you know when you rent a car there are many ways to save money, regardless of where you are vacationing?

If you are looking to rent a car at the Treviso Airport, all you have to do is get online and do some research. You never know what deals you might find yourself. And there are other ways to save money as well, including:

  • Forget the brand name cars. Brand’s aren’t important when travelling, at least not on vacation. You’re going to see the world outside, not rent the most fancy car on the market, but if you can look beyond Scions, Jettas and Avis then you can save some money when renting a car.
  • Reserving your rental car longer than needed might sound a little off, but did you know that it can actually lower your rate? The idea takes advantage of lower prices aimed at leisure travelers who like to travel on the weekends.
  • Prepaying and pre-booking can help you save money renting a car, thanks to the discounts offered online (the same when you book a hotel, for example). You can save up to 20 percent if you’re willing to prepay on some rentals (you can look for the best deals in rentalcars.com, for instance).

Do you feel like you are ready to save money on your family vacation to Treviso? If you follow those money saving tips and tricks, then you will likely save a few bucks. And that can go toward your vacationing in Italy.

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Choosing that Rental & Your Journey

Remember how easy it is for us to begin our search for flights, transfers, hotels, restaurants and booking our vacations online? Well, you have to do the same with car hire.

And when you are shopping for a car online, don’t just compare the initial price quotes, you should look at the company as a whole and determine whether they have what you want to offer. Of course, you are looking for the best rates possible, especially when you are preparing to rent a car in Treviso Airport “Canova” on your upcoming Italy vacation.

When purchasing a car, take into consideration your family and what type of vacation you are taking. Will you be needing a big car or a little car? Do you prefer driving trucks? All these questions are important when making sure you rent the perfect car for your vacation. But remember to expect many differences between the “American,” rental and what you will have to choose between in Europe.

Rental cars locations in Treviso Airport

Secrets to renting a car in Italy

Here’s some tips you have to read before take your rental car in Veneto and in Italy, generally speaking.

  1. Learn to be patient. When you are searching for the best car deals, you will find that it takes time. And if you are planning a vacation on a budget, it’s important to take it slow, until you find what fits your families needs for this upcoming vacation to Italy.
  2. The internet, the internet and the internet. It’s been said a thousand and one times. You will find some of the best prices for your upcoming vacation to Italy. And all you have to do is search on the best sites, like as we said before, Rental Cars or something similar.
  3. Don’t be scare to ask questions. If you want a discount, just ask. Did you know that there are memberships like AARP and AAA that offer discounts on your car rentals and even hotels
  4. The early bird gets the worm, right? It’s true, it’s been found that if you reserve early then you lock the rates you found online. And they can’t be changed even if your vacation is months away.
  5. Get ready for a whole new culture because Europe is very different: roads are narrow and european (and italian) towns are very different from American ones.
  6. Be prepared to know the differences between currencies as well.

More information on Treviso Airport rental vehicles and the related trips from there:


If you are looking to rent a car in Treviso for your upcoming vacation to Italy, then just take your time, look on the internet and make sure you ask any memberships you have for a discount. The early your book a reservation, the better discount you get.

And now you’re that much closer to your upcoming vacation in Italy. Enjoy and drive safely!

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Visiting the North East of Italy by car

Whatever kind of traveler you are, getting a car hire in Treviso for your trip, will allow you the freedom to go wherever you want to throughout the city. Here you get the culture of Italy without the frenzy of a big city, exploring wonderful Veneto region.

Car Hire in Treviso – What to see in your spare time in Veneto

When Treviso is your destination, you can get off the airplane and enter a quaint city with alluring history and enticing beauty. You can car hire to traverse the treasures of Treviso.

The city has a complexity and layering of various time periods all imprinting on Treviso.  Going all the way back to the Roman Empire to present day, the city’s churches, museums, houses, and villas tell a story of growth, destruction, reconstruction & rebirth.

The Holy Roman Empire conquered Treviso and brought Christianity to the area.  Cathedral was originally built at this time, and now has additions and upgrades which mix the history of the area together.  During the Middle Ages, the Palazzo dei Trecento, which means Palace of the Three Hundreds, was the location of the government building.

Treviso was violently bombed during World War II; the restoration and rebirth of the city is seen in its modern day building design.  Mixed in with the ancient buildings are the 20th century buildings, built after the destruction of the war.

Faded frescos can be seen on the city’s homes.  But the cathedrals and churches hold tremendous art and history to be explored and enjoyed, such as the Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore, Cattedrale di San Pietro Apostolo, Complesso Monumentale Santa Caterina, Casa dei Carraresi, Chiesa di San Francesco, Chiesa di San Niccolo, Church of St Lucy and Cathedral. The Chiesa di San Niccolo is decorated with frescos from the 1300s. Whereas the Cathedral has frescoes with a Byzantine influence.  Monumentale Santa Caterina was once a convent and has been transformed into a museum.  In the Church of San Francisco, Dante’s son & Petrarch’s daughter are buried.

There are five museums in Treviso that you can get to with your car hire from the Airport, for example.  Bailo Museum, Santa Caterina Museum, Casa Noal Museum, Scarpa Museum and Case Piavone Ethnographic Museum. Bailo Museum is divided according to its displayed works.  Sezione Archeologica, Pinacoteca, Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna hold respectively Archeological Part, Picture Gallery, and Modern Art Gallery.  Casa da Noal Museum holds many shows which present collections of old handicrafts, ceramics and clothes.  Scarpa Museum received its exhibits from Mr. Giuseppe Scarpa who collected animals from around the world. He was a taxonomist and donated his collection to the gallery.

Using your car hire visit the Fish Market where you can see commerce in action or swing by the Loggetta Dei Cavalieri which was built in the late 1200s. In the 1800s, Treviso had over 50 water mills with only a few today. 

Located at the University of Treviso is a castle which was built by the Romans in early AD.  It was a main defense for any invasion from the north.  You can visit the University of Treviso and the castle.

The walls and the gates. These walls were constructed during the Roman period, and reinforced throughout the centuries.  The link between the town center and the outskirts was guaranteed by on the three Gates until the beginning of the 20th century.  Those gates are Porta San Tomaso, located in the north, Porta Santi Quaranta, located in the west, and Porta Altinia located toward the south.  Porta San Tomaso has a statue located at the top of it that represents St. Paul. Porta Santa Quaranta has a portrait of a winged lion.

The historic center of the city cross two rivers the Kania and Silas.  There are tours on both rivers to enjoy Treviso from the water.

Pick up a rental car and explore the vineyards of Treviso

Let your car hire in Treviso take you to explore the vineyards in the area. Treviso is known for its invention of the sparkling wine Prosecco. Prosecco is the name of the grape in which it is made as well as the style of sparkling wine. You can tour the many wineries of the area enhancing your enjoyable trip. There are wine shops where you can stop and sample wines made of red and yellow grapes.

Treviso hosts the annual “Vino in Villa” event which is the International Festival of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore.  Award winning wines, live music, culture and food are enjoyed at this festival.

There are over fifty-five hotels located in Treviso. There are various choices available depending on the kind you need. Size, location, amenities are important in choosing what hotel to stay at.

A few notable neighborhoods or sights are

Vicolo Molinetto: with a large park, an ancient mill still in use

Pescara Island: where seafood is abundant along with shopping

Le Mura di Treviso: highlighting scenic landscape

Piazza dei Signori: shops and stores

I Buranelli: a canal

Favorite activities to do in Treviso are bicycling, hiking, golfing, canoeing and paragliding.

While in Treviso visit these fun locations arriving in your car hire

Cinema Teatro Edera, Cinema Corsco, Cinema teatro Embassy: movie theaters

Tennis 2001, Piscine Natatorium, Piscine Comunali Fiera e Selvana, Treviso Sport A. S. D.: sports complexes

Parco degli Alberi Parlanti: Amusement Park

If you’re looking for outdoor fun you can try

La Strada Ciclabile Treviso-Ostiglia:bicycling

Travelsport Day Tours: Bike tours, climbing tours, water sports

Asolo Golf Club & Golf Club Ca’ Amata: golf course

Asd Sport Montegrappa: paragliding tandem flights, canyoning, climbing, nordic walking

Barchiamo:boat rentals

Rifugio Citta di Vittorio Veneto: Ski and snowboarding

Antlos S.r.l.: boat rentals, boat tours & water sports

Vieni a Volare:paragliding tandem flights

Aec Little Wings: Adrenaline & Extreme Tours, Paragliding, Boat Tours & Water Sports

Restaurants to visit

Ai Cadelach: traditional Italian food

La Cucina di Grazia:

Ristorante Ai Laghi: Fusion, Chowder, Seafood & Soups

Osteria Al Barique: Italian

Pizzeria Al Lido: Pizza

Panificio Bottecchia: Pizza and breads

Miralago: Pizza and pasta

Giardino Bistrot: breakfast and lunch

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