Getting to Florence from Venice

getting to florence from veniceGetting to Florence from Venice: how to reach this incredible city after visiting another amazing town like Venice? [read also “how to reach Treviso from Venice Airport“]

That’s a very good question especially since the transportation system in certain cities is not easy and what is worse is sometimes very stressful, so instead of taking a bus you remember that there are fantastic online services through which you can rent a car at the cheapest prices to get there.

But are rental cars the good choice to get to Florence from Venice? … Well eyes closed you say yes. And the reasons are many: imagine you’re traveling and suddenly you see something that attracts attention, maybe a nice landscape and how you’re in your car you’ve already rented it for and delight watching that wonderful place. When you rent a car everything is easier: you save time, you can stop and see what they want and it’s even more cheap because it only costs you about 15 euros the day. That’s more than you can wish for.

Now, let’s go on imagining: after the trip you’ve got to Florence and you wonder “where I should go“? That is not a problem with a rental car, because you can use your car to transport you to where you want to be, in the most interesting and hidden places around central Italy.

And it is that really suits you visit Florence for its museums, for its trendy shops, the insuperable Italian cuisine, to enjoy an unforgettable sunset on the Ponte Vecchio or simply see the David by Michelangelo, no traveler will disenchanted with Florence.

Florence is a tourist destination that can be enjoyed both on a day like for a week.

Many visitors choose to make a one-day visit from Venice to know the main town, while others need a week to enjoy the splendor of Florentine art. What is certain is that both will be left wanting more and want to return to Florence in the future.
Although Florence is a veritable outdoor museum, the city has some of the best museums and art galleries in the world. For example:

  • Uffizi Gallery – with paintings as The Birth of Venus by Botticelli Adoration of the Magi by Leonardo da Vinci, this art gallery is the most visited place in Florence.
  • Accademia Gallery – with a large collection of sculptures, paintings and musical instruments, the Accademia keeps inside one of the most famous sculptures of all time: the David by Michelangelo.
  • Palazzo Vecchio – With a decor reminiscent of the Venetian palaces and architecture that defines the city, Palazzo Vecchio is one of the most interesting visits of Florence.
  • Museo dell’Opera del Duomo – this museum meets the original sculptures of the monuments of Piazza del Duomo. In his collection also it exhibits tools and original sketches that were used for the construction of the Cathedral.
  • Museo Galileo – With such valuables as the first telescope of Galileo, the Galileo Museum of the History of Science is one of the largest in the world in your area.

With your car you can go to any of these places not wasting time.

Let’s move on in our italian trip: it’s night. Now the day is over and you’re hungry and want to walk or go to one of the restaurants in town, so you turn your car and you go to the best restaurants in the city to displease their dishes. The Tuscany gastronomy is based on traditional dishes made with seasonal products from the region: oil, vegetables, cold meats, cheeses and pasta are some of the ingredients. The quality of these dishes is gorgeus and totally natural.

Some typical Florentine cuisine dishes are: bistecca alla fiorentina (T-bone steak last bit), the trippa alla fiorentina (lamb tripe with tomato sauce), the cinghiale in umido (boar with tomato) and the Pollo al mattone (chicken roasted smashed with a brick). You can accompany these dishes with a Chianti, a typical Tuscan wine inside.

To end the meal, you had better take a cappuccino accompanied by a limoncello shot, one of the most famous Italian liquors.
After eating, you are ready for a typical dessert: you can try the cantucci, some biscuits you will find in all Tuscany bakeries. Some Italians recommend wetted with sweet wine.

It really is a delight to visit these wonderful places, so do not hesitate any longer, come and visit this extraordinary place. But, it’s very important: getting to Florence from Venice (from Pisa, from Milan or other italian Airports), for the characteristics of Italy and Tuscany above all, you need freedom – through a rental car – to enjoy deeply the real taste of Italy!