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usa coast to coast rental car

USA Coast to Coast in a Rental Car

If you are planning on touring the USA coast to coast in a Rental car (or caravan), you can visit many landmarks and places of interest without worrying about wearing down your own vehicle in the process. This will require you to visit a car rental facility so that you can get a good car to take you across the vast expanse of land that is the United States of America. Finding the best car rental company available in your…

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car rentals milan airports

Car rentals in Milan – Malpensa and Linate Airports

Milan (Milano) is the second largest city in Italy. It’s the capital of the Lombardy region and it’s the main industrial and economic city in Italy. Milan is known for being a bustling city full of great food, and all things related to fashion and sophistication. It is the industrial and financial capital of the Lombardy region and the host of several large international fairs and events each year. Car rentals in Milan Airports  – Malpensa Malpensa Airport, which is…

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al matkoum airport map rental cars

Rental cars at Dubai Airport: a necessary choice

Do you think you can go around Dubai using public vehicles? Forget it. Rental cars at Dubai Airport are a necessary choice. Let’s see why. If you are going to travel to Dubai, then you can get ready for amazing resorts, islands and fun in the sun. And you can’t forget the nightlife, it’s described as the ‘funniest time,’ you’ll ever have on vacation. Dubai doesn’t need a formal introduction. Bollywood and Hollywood have taken care of making it look…

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how to get a rental car without using credit cards

How to Get a Rental Car without Credit Cards

It typically required that you have both an active credit card and a valid driver’s license when you go to get a rental car. However, while it may take a little more hassle, you may still wonder how to get a rental car without credit cards? Many people do have credit cards or debit cards though debit cards are not the preferred method that car rental agencies accept because they often consider people who do not use credit cards a higher…

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